Mutts Gone Nuts

Mutts Gone Nuts! A must-see show for dog lovers of all ages! Watch rescue pups dance, prance, flip, & skip their way right into your heart!

In 2005, established comedy duo Scott and Joan Houghton turned their attention to a creating a comedy dog act. Their nine amazing canine partners are all adopted from animal shelters and rescues. Mutts Gone Nuts is sure to unleash havoc and hilarity as the Houghtons attempt to match wits with their mischievous mutts in a family-friendly performance that is leaving audiences howling for more!

Mutts Gone Nuts Mission & Assurances: Our show’s dogs were adopted from animal shelters or from rescue groups. We use all positive, reward-based training methods, which means: We reward and reinforce the behaviors that we want (with treats, toys, praise) and we ignore the behaviors we don’t want. We look for what our dogs like to do naturally, and cultivate those talents.‍

Defiance Community Auditorium | 7:00 pm


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